Shaping the game

In 'Shaping the Game: The New Leader’s Guide to Effective Negotiating', Watkins draws from extensive research and practical consulting work to reveal four fundamental objectives that should guide new leaders in their negotiations with key constituencies inside and outside their organizations.

by Michael Watkins
Last Updated: 23 Jul 2013

The book provides potent guidelines for:

· Creating maximum value in negotiations with critical stakeholders - by identifying and realizing all opportunities

· Capturing a fair share of that value—while avoiding the common errors of giving up too much value to your counterpart or taking too much for yourself and your company

· Building relationships - by knowing which connections, with which individuals, are vital to preserve and enhance

· Preserving your reputation - by demonstrating the right behaviors and conduct as you seek to create and capture value in your new role

Watkins also presents hands-on strategies that help any new leader become a world-class negotiator, including:

· Matching your negotiation strategy to the situation—by diagnosing the types of negotiations you are facing, identifying key constraints and opportunities, and crafting your strategies accordingly

· Influencing key counterparts' viewpoints - through figuring out how best to use the information you possess

· Shaping the structure of negotiations in your favor - by affecting who participates in the bargaining, what the agenda will be, and how the rules get structured

· Organizing to improve - by taking time to reflect on your negotiation experiences, distilling key lessons learned, and disseminating your knowledge to others who are negotiating on your behalf

Navigating the myriad high-stakes negotiating challenges that confront new leaders, Shaping the Game provides all the tools you need to make the right moves as you climb the career ladder - and to succeed in those roles once you get there.

Harvard Business School Press, 2006

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