Slogan Doctor: Abbey - 'More ideas for your money'

On the face of it, the slogan introduced by Abbey in May 2005 is a bit dreary. Abbey was not always so straight-laced. This financial institution gave us 'Get the Abbey habit' (still a favourite of the headline-writers), and 'Abbey endings', with dear old Lionel Bart. The new line is simple but not unsubtle.

by John Morrish
Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

WCRS, which devised it, has included a slight grammatical instability that gives it a bit of a lift. On the one hand, Abbey is offering 'More ideas for your money'; on the other 'More ideas for your money'. The content, too, has moved on. Once there was a moralistic edge. If you got the Abbey habit, you'd be doing what was good for you without extracting any pleasure from it: saving was a good habit, like changing your socks. Now, consumers expect more: they buy shares; they read the personal finance pages; in some, more tragic cases, they listen to Radio 4's Money Box. If someone's got some ideas for what to do with their money, they want to hear them. Abbey just has to think of some.

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