Slogan Doctor: Bose: Better Sound Through Research

John Morrish looks at the origins of the Bose slogan.

by John Morrish
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

Few hi-fi companies have been so innovative as Bose Corporation. From its first product, a weird pentagonal speaker in which most of the drivers pointed away from the listener, the company has defied conventional wisdom. In doing so, it has stayed true to the vision of Amar G Bose, who founded the company in 1964 and summed up its philosophy in the phrase that would become the company's slogan. Bose has also always been very skilled in the art of marketing, using text-heavy press ads that trumpet its scientific credentials. 'Research' is a powerful word to use in a slogan. 'Better sound' is, after all, a highly subjective notion. The assertion that better sound comes 'through research' validates the buyer's judgement in investing in Bose's equipment. And that research also goes some way towards justifying the company's unashamedly high prices.

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