Slogan Doctor - Croatia: 'The Mediterranean as it once was'

It is about now that we start looking forward to the summer holidays - and recalling favourite trips of years gone by, when flying was fun, the sun didn't give you skin cancer, and hoi polloi hadn't discovered where abroad was.

by John Morrish
Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Then, the Med was the place, which makes 'The Mediterranean as it once was' an almost irresistible offer. It has to be: the product on sale is Croatia. The Croatian Tourist Board introduced the slogan in 2002, only seven years after the end of a regional conflict notable for its atrocities. The niceties of who did what to whom may no longer be in our minds, but the word 'Croatia' still rings alarm bells. Luckily for those striving to revive the economy of this beautiful country, fear and loathing are no match for greed. 'The Mediterranean as it once was' is code for 'cheap'. You can buy a family house in Istria for the price of a broom-cupboard in Wolverhampton. But hurry. Croatia may be the Mediterranean as it once was, but not for very long.

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