Slogan Doctor - EDF: Save today, save tomorrow

Everybody knows self-interest is the most powerful motivator, but a desire to do right for the planet now plays a role too.

by John Morrish
Last Updated: 02 Nov 2010

EDF tries to combine the two with this effective slogan, devised by Euro RSCG and first used in January 2008. Crafted to be rhythmically appealing, it plays on two meanings of 'to save'. The first time, it means 'to conserve money'; the second time, 'to rescue' or 'to protect'. EDF, like other energy giants, wants to come across as eco-friendly. In this guise, it knows the only way to fulfil both parts of its slogan at once is to use less energy. But EDF may want you to use less energy, but it wants the energy you do use to come from EDF, so the first part of its slogan also makes a claim about price. And is EDF's energy cheaper? Good luck trying to work that out.

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