Slogan Doctor: Ford - 'Feel The Difference'

The demands of packaging and aerodynamics have pushed all cars towards the same jelly-mould shape.

by John Morrish
Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

It is notable that Ford's slogan doesn't say 'See The Difference'. Instead, it invites you to 'feel' the cars: to try them out and respond to them in both a tactile and emotional way. Tactile in the sense of experiencing what they're like to sit in and drive, a known area of Ford's expertise; emotional in the enthusiasm the drive and the cars' quietly stylish looks induce in you. The slogan was inspired by Lewis Booth, who arrived from Mazda in 2004 to chair Ford of Europe. He wanted to know Ford's equivalent of his old firm's 'Zoom-Zoom', a slogan used in marketing and as inspiration inside Mazda. Working with agencies Ogilvy and Wunderman, Ford came up with 'Feel The Difference'. It first aired in an ad during the Champions League 2006 final to launch the S-Max and Galaxy people-movers. Ford used the slogan, in English, in 19 territories. It's a risky strategy: research among German consumers, for instance, revealed that many thought the slogan meant 'touch the differential' - not the idea at all.

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