Slogan Doctor: ITV1: 'the brighter side'

ITV1's slogan, the first it has used in 10 years, is part of a brand campaign designed to articulate what the channel stands for: in its own estimation, 'the most entertaining, upbeat, optimistic programming in the UK'. That might fit Britain's Got Talent, but it would surprise anyone familiar with, say, the channel's sometimes gruesome range of murder dramas. Devised by advertising agency BBH, the line was introduced in April in a long ad showing bored children on a bleak beach, who throw stones at the clouds to let the sun pour down on them. 'Imagine being able to make the sun shine whenever you want,' says the voice-over.

by John Morrish
Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

True, 'bright' can mean optimistic, but it also means intelligent, and even ITV's defenders would be pushed to convince anyone that this was the channel's USP. As for 'side', is this a slight play on words? If so, it dates back to the early days of two-channel TV. 'Let's see what's on the other side,' we used to say, crossing the room to turn the clunky knob on the front of the 'set'. This has a nostalgic nuance. So that's ITV: cheerful, but ever-so-slightly backward-looking.


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