Slogan Doctor: Lib Dems: 'Change that works for you'

Naughty Liberal Democrats. Their election campaign slogan is not a bad one, but it's not new.

by John Morrish
Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

The tagline was used by President Obama during his 2009 election campaign, for a two-week tour around the US on which he spoke on economic issues. 'Change' is indelibly associated with Obama, but both UK opposition parties have battened onto it. They want us to know that, whatever else they are, they're not Gordon Brown and the exhausted Labour Government.

But the rest of the slogan isn't as empty as the Tories' line, 'Year For Change' (MT March). 'Works' is a verb, which gives the slogan punch and purpose. It has a hint of wordplay, which lifts this otherwise unremarkable five-word phrase. Change 'works' - ie, is effective. But it also 'works for' you, meaning it serves you. 'You' is a powerful appeal to self-interest, which is the most basic of motivations. The whole slogan reads clearly and confidently: everyone can understand it. But what chance will the Lib Dems get to act on it?

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