Slogan Doctor: Lidl - 'Where Quality Is Cheaper'

Budget supermarket chain Lidl is famously down-to-earth, and this slogan expresses its values perfectly. Devised internally, and used for the past four years, it consists of just four words, each doing an important job. 'Where' brooks no argument. It tells us that Lidl is not one of those places where you can get good stuff for less, it is the place. 'Quality' is a strong, aspirational word: here it's a kind of code, telling the middle classes that it is safe to shop at a store where things are piled up in their original cardboard boxes and you can buy a pair of shoes for £7.99. 'Is' makes a bold and straightforward claim, implying 'always'. And 'cheaper'? Snobs think 'cheap' means worthless or shoddy. But it's the word ordinary shoppers use, and contrasts nicely with 'quality': between them, the two words span Lidl's market, from those trading down from Tesco or Sainsbury's to those who used to go to Kwik-Save. Here, you have a slogan that wouldn't work for M&S or Waitrose - but in difficult times, what do they know?

by John Morrish
Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

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