Slogan Doctor: Magnet - "What happens in your kitchen?"

Kitchen supplier Magnet's slogan, devised by JWT and introduced in summer 2005, is unusual in two ways.

by John Morrish
Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

It's a question, not a statement, and on the surface it says nothing at all about Magnet, placing its focus on the consumer. This is a bold strategy that would have been impossible a generation ago, when 'What happens in your kitchen?' would have received a one-word answer: 'cooking'. Magnet knows things have changed. Formerly a utilitarian room with a single function, the kitchen has become a place to cook, eat, entertain, watch TV, listen to music, do homework and be together as a family. What you want from a kitchen depends on what you use it for: indeed, it won't be 'a' kitchen, it will be 'your' kitchen, for your requirements. 'What happens in your kitchen?' is the starting point of the design process and, by using it as its slogan, Magnet shows it places that process at the heart of what it offers: it's selling expertise, inspiration and aspiration rather than cupboards and worktops, though its advertising shows them off with verve and style.

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