Slogan Doctor: Mercedes-Benz - The best or nothing

Mercedes-Benz says it was the motto of engineering pioneer Gottlieb Daimler, inventor of the high-speed petrol engine and joint founder of the company.

by John Morrish
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

This slogan - Mercedes-Benz calls it its 'brand claim' - was introduced in June 2010. In German, it is 'Das Beste oder nichts'. In 2009 Mercedes started using the phrase in internal communications as a rallying cry. It is the sound of a company telling itself it must achieve excellence at all costs. In its advertising, it is saying its cars are the best and all the others are, frankly, useless. That 'or' makes it sound imperious, like 'Your money or your life!' or 'Blood or glory!'. Such bombast suggests not confidence, but insecurity. Perhaps that's something Mercedes' customers can relate to.

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