Slogan Doctor: The MET - 'Working together for a safer London'

It is said that the first act of Metropolitan Police commissioner Sir Ian Blair on arriving in the job in February 2005 was to change the force's motto from 'Working for a safer London' to 'Working together for a safer London'.

by John Morrish
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

The new version sought to suggest that the police would be working with Londoners rather than for (or against) them. The slogan Sir Ian amended had been brought in by his predecessor, Sir John Stevens, in 2000. The nation's police forces began calling themselves 'police services' and their slogans followed the Met's lead. Most promise to make their areas 'safe' or 'safer'. But the police can't make it less dangerous to run with scissors, or prevent you getting e-coli from cold meat or, indeed, from being run over by a speeding police car. Safety is not the police's USP; it's preventing crime and catching criminals. But not one police slogan says so. That might be too negative or too aggressive, but for fighting crime, some of us like our police to be aggressive.

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