Slogan Doctor: Muller - 'lick the lid of life'

Yoghurt-maker Muller's slogan sounds like the product of careful research, probably by ad agency TBWA.

by John Morrish
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

It would have discovered that an unusual characteristic of Muller's fruit corner yoghurts is the quantity of the product that sticks to the rectangular foil lid. That's a manufacturing problem - or it would be if consumers saw it as waste. But it also differentiates the brand from other dairy desserts. The research would also have revealed how people respond to that stray yoghurt: they lick it off. There's something faintly disgusting about this practice, but everyone does it. So the slogan does two jobs. It reminds people of what makes the yoghurt unusual, if not unique. And it gives permission to lick. To do so, it suggests, is to embrace life in a way non-lickers can't imagine. The alliteration not only makes it memorable, it gives a work-out for the tongue, providing a subliminal reminder of the act of licking itself. The slogan, first used in a campaign that began in 2007, is an ingenious piece of work.

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