Slogan Doctor: National Trust - Time well spent

What do we know about the National Trust? That it looks after old buildings ... and caters for old people, cluttering up the tea shop in their fleeces and elasticated slacks.

by John Morrish
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

To change that, the National Trust engaged ad agency MBA in 2008 and its new tagline, devised with the Trust's marketing team, is targeted at busy people who want to spend their time wisely. The suggestion is that a trip to a Trust property will be rewarding and good value, as the 12 million people who visit one of its sites every year already know. But the line is also a statement about what the National Trust is selling: time, in the sense of history. The people who built all those great houses, monuments and grand parks were also spending their time well, and the Trust is promising to look after their legacy.

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