Slogan doctor - Nescafe: It's all about you

This is the me generation - but aren't they all? Which is no doubt why Nestle chose 'It's all about you' as its slogan for Nescafe.

by John Morrish
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

It aims to present this unremarkable staple of modern life as a treat.

It is meant to appeal to the stressed mother, who, as she plucks the underpants from the bedroom floor, longs for a few minutes on her own with a cup of dissolved granules. It goes nicely with Nescafe's sponsorship of mum-friendly Trinny and Susannah and Classic FM, the Valium of the airwaves. But the slogan, developed with McCann Erickson, says nothing about the product. Any product would do. Life assurance: it's all about you. James Blunt: it's all about you. The amorphous quality of the slogan is reflected in how often it has been used around the world: telecom companies, magazines, sex education campaigns, estate agents, adventure holidays, exercise programmes, financial products, casinos - you name it ... It has been a song by teenage rockers McFly, too. It may be all about you: but what is it?

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