Slogan Doctor: Peugeot - 'motion & emotion'

Buying a new car is not a rational decision: who can justify an asset whose value plummets from the moment you first turn the key?

by MT Staff
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

Consequently, car-makers have always appealed to our emotions. Peugeot's tagline, introduced in January, can't help looking derivative after Seat's defiantly Hispanic auto emocion. Devised by BETC Euro RSCG in Paris for use around the world, it says that Peugeot's cars both move physically and have the power to move emotionally. But 'motion' is a weak word, meaning any movement, even a gentle vibration. And 'emotion' is no stronger. Who feels this emotion? The buyer or the car-maker? The undynamic two words are joined with nothing more than an ampersand, resulting in a line that is as flat as a punctured tyre.

The ads that introduced the slogan showed us Peugeot's heritage in bicycles and three-wheelers: evoking nostalgia, which did not help the car-maker's case.

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