Slogan Doctor: Renault - Drive The Change

Renault's advertising slogan 'Drive The Change' focuses on the new wave for the automative industry - the electric car.

by John Morrish
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

Renault's slogan, devised internally with its ad agency, Publicis, dates from 2009.

Grammatically, 'Drive The Change' is an imperative: consumers are being instructed or invited to do something. In a motoring context, it expresses pride in ownership: 'I drive an Evoque,' you might boast. ('I drive a Renault'? Less likely.) Here, what you are invited to drive is 'the change'.

According to Renault, 'the change' is a new attitude that means building cars adapted to humans and the planet, offering 'sustainable mobility within reach of everyone'.

By buying Renault, you will both be advancing this ambitious project and owning one of the vehicles that embodies it. The slogan is a clever, economical way of exploiting the two aspects of 'drive'.

However, 'the change' is also a euphemism for the menopause, which is not very sexy. Did no one in Paris notice?

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