Slogan Doctor: RIAS - Where insurance gets better with age

If you specialise in insurance for the over-50s, how do you get that across?

by John Morrish
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

You can state the fact, like Staysure: 'The over 50s experts'. Or you can use a euphemism like the Australian company Apia: 'Rewarding Experience'. RIAS's slogan tells us straightforwardly that it deals in insurance for the chronologically challenged. But it accentuates the positive. What improves with age? Wine, violins, and, it is said, sex. RIAS's slogan, devised with ad agency WPN and introduced in 2009, makes a slightly bathetic addition to that list: insurance. The result is a rather banal and plodding line, which invites customers to look forward optimistically to a long-term relationship with RIAS. The slogan makes no promises about price, it's all about establishing the company's expertise.

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