Slogan Doctor: Santander - driven to do better

John Morrish examines the meaning behind Santander's slogan 'driven to do better'.

by John Morrish
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

Santander has two slogans. 'Value From Ideas' is a global endline devised at the giant bank's Madrid HQ and seldom used here. In the UK, we have 'Driven to do better'.

Created with ad agency WCRS, the slogan was introduced in point of sale materials last year and takes pride of place in Santander's UK advertising.

Santander says the line also works internally to express an aspiration to constantly improve in customer services. But to be 'driven' to do something is to be forced to act against your inclinations. And if you are a 'driven' person you have a compulsion to act. Neither sounds very healthy.

'To do better', is a bit apologetic and reminiscent of that phrase 'could do better' from school reports. And that is not a vote of confidence in the way things are being done now.

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