Slogan doctor: Sky

Feel everything: High-definition television is a hard sell. In a shop you can demonstrate it, but with customers watching ordinary telly you can only invite them to imagine the advantages.

by John Morrish
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

In March, before its HD service was available, Sky worked with brand consultants Venture Three on a campaign built around abstract animations. The swirling visuals make no attempt to imitate the system's supposed advantages. But their vivid colours invite an imaginative response, like looking at a coal fire and seeing shapes.

Then comes the slogan: Feel Everything. At first, this seems stupid: HD is about sight, not touch. But feeling is not just a physical sensation; it's an emotional experience. And that 'everything' is cunning. Rather than promising you something extra if you go HD, it suggests you'll miss out if you don't.

Dissatisfaction is a powerful sales tool, even if all you're really missing is a close-up of the red mist descending on Wayne Rooney's unprepossessing mug.

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