Slogan Doctor: UBS - we will not rest

We've heard this recession-inspired tag-line somewhere before...

by John Morrish
Last Updated: 27 May 2011
Swiss bank UBS didn't do too well in the subprime crisis and its slogan is a promise to do better. Launched in August, it was created with agency Publicis and will be run in 10 languages.

The tagline is used in TV and press ads featuring celebrities who were, we are to understand, as tireless in their dedication as any major bank trying to rebuild its image. They include Mohammed Ali, Neil Armstrong, Maria Callas and many more.

Because it implies tireless dedication, without making specific commitments, the phrase is a favourite of politicians. Tony Blair said he would not rest until terrorism was driven from the world and Gordon Brown promised not to rest until there was peace in Darfur. In comparison, restoring the reputation of a bank is child's play.

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