Slogan Doctor: Virgin Trains: 'Love Every Second'

Train travel gave rise to some notable slogans in British Rail's day.

by John Morrish
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

'Let the train take the strain' encompassed the principal advantage of trains: you don't have to drive them. 'This is the age of the train' invited rude remarks about ancient rolling stock; and 'We're getting there' was a downbeat plea for patience at a time when British Rail seemed to be doing no such thing. Virgin insists that its slogan is a 'brand proposition' intended to permeate its whole business. First used in 2006, it was devised by its then marketing director Chris Inglis with branding consultants Start. It invites passengers to enjoy their journeys. Virgin has always tried to differentiate itself by improving the 'on board experience'; you get somewhere to plug in your laptop - if you can find a seat. The mention of 'every second' subliminally suggests that these trains are so fast and punctual that journey times can be measured in seconds, and 'every second counts'. Something to ponder next time you're stuck in a queue outside King's Cross.

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