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Sony: Like. No. Other. Sony's currrent advertisement for the Bravia television is a beautiful thing: a torrent of colourful balls bouncing down a precipitous San Francisco street.

by John Morrish
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

It ends with Sony's current slogan 'like. no. other'. The curious punctuation is intended to evoke a certain kind of emphatic speech. It's a gimmick you see everywhere these days, but its source seems to be the nameless Comic-Book Guy in The Simpsons, whose much-imitated catchphrase is 'Worst. Episode. Ever'. In the day of the generic Chinese TV set stacked high in Asda, Sony needs to lift itself clear of the mass of consumer electronics companies. But this slogan has so little verbal content that it's unmemorable. There's another objection. It is used in America as well as here, and a search of US trademark records reveals about 50 similar formulations: 'The shoe company like no other'; 'Like no other credit union on earth!'; 'Like no other bagel in the world'; and, a particular winner, 'Delivers like no other theophylline'. This is unfortunate. When you're trying to be unique, you don't need a slogan that is Like. Many. Others.

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