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Somewhere at the heart of even the smallest businesses lies the dream of becoming a better or bigger business. For most small or medium enterprises (SMEs), achieving real, appreciable growth means juggling the scaling up of operations while remaining profitable.

That’s no mean feat. Chances are, scaling up will entail far more than simply boosting sales. It will probably require the hiring of more staff, investment in infrastructure and raising finance to carry the business through a new growth phase.

Fresh challenges emerge. The bets become bigger. The stakes grow higher.

Making the transition from start-up to scale-up will mean making bigger and sometimes difficult decisions. In this guide, our panel of experts and entrepreneurs will share their experiences and advice to help you make those decisions.

Not every call you make will be the right one. But look at it another way – if you’re not making mistakes every now and then, you’re probably not trying enough new things to learn and grow. Get ready to take your business to the next level.

Ian Wylie, special projects editor, Management Today

 It’s not uncommon for SMEs to feel like they’re treading water – if you’re ready to grow again, this guide is here to help you.


Karen Penney, vice president and general manager UK, commercial payments and small business services, American Express

SMEs are the engine room of our economy and this guide is full of hints and tips from entrepreneurs and experts to inspire you to help grow your own business.