Making the most of your marketing

8 Top tips

1. Grab the moment

Understand that customer-centric marketing is not just about targeting the right people, but targeting them at the right time. Seasonal moments such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Small Business Saturday have, for example, become annual consumer shopping peaks.

2. Follow your audience

Part of planning any successful marketing campaign is analysing and defining your target audience. Whoever they are, you need to continually consider their age, their interests and most crucially where they will be. It’s no good having a campaign in a place where your target audience is never going to go, or has stopped visiting.

3. Seek strategic marketing partners

Consider crosspromotional activities with other small businesses, which can offer complementary and relevant skills. There are a number of elements that SMEs can pool together, from an established client base and proven channels to market, to infrastructure such as technology, specific expertise and niche skills.

4. Launch a remarketing campaign

This involves marketing to people who have visited your website, in order to tempt them back to make a purchase. You can load cookies onto their browsers and after they leave your site and visit social media or other sites, you can reach out to them with targeted ads. Remember, there are consent and privacy requirements to consider.

5. Find influential fans

These could be bloggers who are passionate about your product or service. They have the power to engage communities in the hundreds of thousands who trust their opinions on specific topics, from food to fashion. Getting the right influencer partnerships in place can help SMEs generate awareness on a huge scale to a relevant audience.

6. Don’t forget the classics

There is plenty of merit in using traditional tools such as PR to gain press coverage on established news sites. If your product is unique and in high demand, journalists may come to you without prompting.

7. Measure marketing effectiveness

For SMEs to create a strong social media presence they need to be creating regular campaigns, engaging regularly and measuring the results. Learning what resonates with your audience opens up the opportunity to start conversations and expand the online community to win new followers and potential customers.

8. Look for ‘dropped baskets’

For online retailers, missed opportunities most commonly come in the form of shoppers who fail to complete their checkout purchases. SMEs which understand ‘dropped basket’ behaviours and create a strong re-engagement strategy can boost sales quickly, turning what would initially seem a negative into a positive.