This snooty job ad is a masterclass in putting off candidates

Vauxhall's Tea House Theatre isn't happy with the millennial applicants it's had so far - and it wants them to know about it.

by Jack Torrance
Last Updated: 18 Jul 2017

When you've got a gap to fill and you just can't find the right person, hiring can be an extremely frustrating process. 'We're a great employer,' you think. 'Why wouldn't anybody want to work here?' 

But even if the process does leave you despairing, it's probably best to keep quiet about it, rather than going off on one like the Tea House Theatre in London's Vauxhall has. This week the company posted a job ad on the Arts Council’s website, looking for an office administrator – a roll it has seemingly struggled to fill thus far. It moans: 

‘Dear Millenials (sic),

‘As a professional company in the arts industry for the best part of twenty years, grafting, scraping, cap in hand to angels and funding bodies and occasionally getting lucky. Surviving on our box office, breaking even and revelling in the success that in the real world that is. It saddens me to be putting this advert up for the third time in as many months.

‘Are you just not taught anything about existing in the real world, where every penny counts. Did no one teach you that the end of your studies is the beginning of your education?’

The cafe-cum-arts venue says it wants a ‘grafter, who can commit,’ and who possesses ‘the absolute dogs in office skills.’ But ‘we have not been impressed so far’.

You can read the snooty ad in its entirety (which has now been taken down by the Arts Council) here. Perhaps if they want somebody who is highly-skilled and motivated they might want to consider offering more than £15-20k for a full-time job in central London - little more than the National Living Wage. As you might expect it has set Twitter off.

And those are just some of the reactions that are fit to print. 

MT has to wonder if it’s all some kind of poorly-judged joke, a PR stunt or else a hoax perpetrated by somebody who wants to make the company look bad. Would anyone seriously take such an entitled, whiney approach to hiring staff?

The Tea House Theatre has been contacted for comment.


An Arts Council spokesperson comments: 'Arts Jobs listings are created by our users who are subject to a number of terms and conditions. While we do have checks in place to stop spam or offensive content appearing, sometimes posts slip through the net. We have since removed this advert.'

Image source: Ewan Munro/Flickr


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