HTC BoomBass

Speakers, apps, weekend bags: Top gizmos this month

Dom Reilly Weekend bag, Yahoo Finance, Opera Coast, plus HTC BoomBass. How do they measure up?

by Emma Haslett
Last Updated: 27 Oct 2014



There really is only one material a guy or gal's weekend bag can be made from and that's leather. At £1,400, this example is eye-wateringly expensive, but it should last a lifetime, ageing beautifully as time goes on and the miles travelled increase. During a 15-year career in Formula One, most recently as head of marketing for Williams F1, Dominic Reilly got through more bags than pit-lane earplugs. So now he's got his own luxury brand.

Rating: **




MT is a frequent and impassioned user of Yahoo Finance, and the company has now released a brand-new, free-to-use app that gives you all its features - and all your portfolios - in one place. It's neat and easy to use, but we were thrown by the fact that you can't use Google to sign in to it as you can on its web version, which meant we had to build all our portfolios again from scratch. It's still better than iOS's native stocks app, though.

Rating: **



This compact cube adds bass to a smartphone's tinny speakers. The drawback is you need to own an HTC One to get the full effect. Use it on an iPhone or Galaxy and you get a muffled bass with no treble. The lower area slides out to provide a dock for the HTC One and it pairs via Bluetooth. The bass sound is a great accompaniment - put your phone  on full volume to get the most of it. But, it's not cheap - you can get generic wireless speakers for £20.

Rating: **




Tired of Safari and its inevitable emotional meltdowns? There's now an alternative: Opera Coast (or Opera Mini if you're using Android). Opera debuted on the iPad last year and has been the darling of geeks everywhere for donkey's years, but with this release it's presumably hoping to step into the mainstream. Simple to use, uncluttered and rather lovely, it uses swipe actions to navigate rather than buttons. Beautifully thought out.

Rating: ***



*** La Boheme

** Jerry Springer: The Opera

* Les Miserables

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