This start-up wants to shake up the way casual workers are hired

Job Today has just raised $20m to do away with CVs and cover letters.

by Jack Torrance
Last Updated: 10 Nov 2016
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Recruitment can be a slow process, and with good reason. If you’re hiring a new accountant or engineer on £90,000 PA then it’s worth investing the time and effort to make sure you don’t end up with a dud. But in industries with lots of low wage, casual workers who are here today, gone tomorrow, the process needn’t be so drawn out.

Entrepreneurs Polina Montano and Eugene Mizin want to make it easier for bars, restaurants and other hospitality businesses to recruit quickly. Their app Job Today, launched in May last year, allows employers to post ads and workers to apply for them without the hassle of putting a sign in the window, sending off CVs and waiting to hear for days before getting no response.

Since its launch the app has processed an impressive 20 million applications and today it announced it has just closed a $20m (£16m) funding round from investors including Accel, which backed Facebook and Dropbox, and Channel 4. This brings the total it has raised to $30m.

‘We don't believe that long resumes and cover letters have a place in blue collar hiring and casual jobs,’ Montano tells MT. The company has focused on mobile, says Mizin, ‘because that is really a great fit for the lifestyle of a lot of business owners and hiring managers, who are always on the go - especially if you look at the restaurant sector and hospitality in general. People who manage hiring, that's not the only thing they do, they also have to take care of procurement, running the cash register, finance.’

Having fiddled around with the app it seems easy to use. Employers write a very short job description of what they’re looking for and then those looking for work can send them a message. It has the look and feel of a social media app and is a lot more straightforward – if less thorough - than having to put together a CV and submit a formal application. Jobseekers typically hear back within 24 hours. ‘We wanted to keep it super simple because we thought it would add value to be able to connect people quickly,’ says Mizin.

At the moment the company has operations in the UK and Spain but it plans to use the new injection of cash to expand into other markets as well as improving the app and growing its team. The company is headquartered in Luxembourg, but the duo insists this isn’t simply a tax ploy. ‘We happened to live in Luxembourg when we started the company,’ says Montano, and Job Today’s technology team is based in the principality too.

So far the clients it has attracted include Pizza Hut, McDonald’s and Starbucks. Currently it’s free to post an ad and to respond to one. The founders say they need to build up a big enough marketplace before they can start charging for premium services, which they plan to do soon. ‘That’s going to be a big focus for 2017,’ says Mizin, ‘to mature the business model.’


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