Stat of the day: 101st out of 110

The UK's national ranking for public confidence in its financial institutions...

by Dave Waller
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013
The UK ranks right near the bottom of all nations when judged on levels of faith in our banks. We’re now mixing with such bastions of fiscal integrity as Cameroon and Zimbabwe.

This is according to the Prosperity Index, a report that rates countries on their wealth and well-being. There were other horrors on the list, which is published by the Legatum Institute think-tank: the UK placed 98th on optimism about job prospects, and 93rd on expectations of future economic performance.

It’s not all disastrous. We still managed to come 13th overall in the ranking – thanks to our entrepreneurship, opportunity and social capital. But that’s a long way off Norway, the nation that topped the list.

Given that everything in the economy is a confidence game, though, and that financial services plays such a critical part in the UK international offering, we really need to up our game. Surely we can break the top 100 next year?

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