Stat of the day: £125,000

The amount Cornwall is shelling out to have the Olympic torch pass through - for a day.

by Emma Haslett
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013
With most of the Olympics being concentrated in the capital, other parts of the UK could be forgiven for wanting a slice of the action. But it seems the good people of Cornwall are particularly keen: they’re apparently planning to for out £125,000 for the privilege of having the Olympic torch pass through the county.

Apparently, Cornwall Council has already put up £75,000 for the torch to begin its tour of the UK in the county, while the Cornwall Development Company is planning to spend an additional £50,000 on projects including an eight-month contract for a ‘project officer Olympic Torch relay’. Obviously, given the fact that councils across Cornwall are currently cutting services left, right and centre, Cornish taxpayers are already beginning to voice their dissent. But Chris Ridgers, council cabinet member for the economy and regeneration, insisted to the Metro that it was ‘very much in line with what other places are having to spend’. Hmm…

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