Stat of the day: $16

The amount members of the US Justice Department spent on muffins.

Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013
As consumers tighten their belts, the same sacrifices don't seem to be being made by the US Justice Department. A report found that the department has spent the not insignificant sum of $16 (£10) on muffins, $10 on biscuits and $32 a head on snacks. Whether they were plated with gold isn't clear...

Auditors also criticised a $76-per-person conference lunch at a Hilton hotel in San Francisco, which featured slow-cooked Berkshire pork carnitas, hearts-of-romaine salad and coffee at $8 a cup.  

The report's main inspector said the costly meals and snacks were an 'extravagant' waste.  Overall, the Justice Department spent $121m on conferences between 2008 and 2009. Considering the US government is looking for ways to make at least $1.2tn in savings, that's bound to get the American people irate. It won't just be the department's stomachs that'll be grumbling.

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