Stat of the day: £1,698

The amount the average employee claimed in expenses in 2010.

by Elizabeth Anderson
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013
Reflecting the nation’s age of austerity, employees claimed £90 less in expenses last year. The average employee claimed £1,698 over 2010 compared with £1,788 in 2009.

But apparently, managers haven’t quite got the hang of tightening the purse strings. The average manager claimed £18 more in expenses last year, rising to an average of £4,200, the Employee Expenses report by GlobalExpense suggests.

Some of the more outlandish claims uncovered include £58,000 spent on client entertaining and a £10 hotel invoice for a porn film, for which the reason given was ‘argument with the wife.’ Meanwhile, another frugal employee was so determined not to part with his hard earned cash that he claimed back 43p for using a public toilet. In his defence, perhaps he just wasn't feeling too flush...

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