Stat of the day: £1.6bn

The cost of sick days taken by sleep-deprived workers.

by Elizabeth Anderson
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013
We’re all been guilty of coming into work yawning once in a while, but apparently some find a bad night's sleep harder to cope with than others. According to a study by Bupa, one in five workers has called in sick during the past year because of lack of sleep - and at around £93.50 a day for each employee, that's costing businesses £1.6bn a year in sick leave. But the effects of a bad night’s sleep aren’t just limited to sick days; it also affects our productivity at work. Bupa suggests that lack of sleep affects our decision-making, reaction and judgement - and apparently, at least half of us drag ourselves into work feeling over-tired more than 20 times a year. Although given the levels of stress most of us experience, that figure seems a little low to us…

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