Stat of the day: 17.8%

The amount by which sales of Domino's Pizza grew in its fourth quarter.

by Elizabeth Anderson
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013
Domino’s pizza saw sales rise by almost 18% in the 13 weeks to Boxing Day, in part due to its new drive to connect with customers through mobile technology.   

The pizza delivery company has invested heavily in social networking and it seems to be paying off - orders taken through the internet rose to £128m last year – an increase of 63%. It means a third of all orders are done online, with the iPhone app accounting for more than £1m of sales since its launch in September.

Domino’s has continually posted strong performances this year. It managed to defy the recession as more people chose to spend a night in front of the TV with a pizza, rather than eating out. The company opened 55 new stores in 2009, and another 57 in 2010. Around 1.5m people now ‘like’ Domino’s on Facebook and more than 21,000 follow the company on Twitter. Not bad.

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