Stat of the day: £190,000

How much a brand new double-decker bus will set you back in the UK.

Last Updated: 30 Mar 2011
First Group has said it’s spending £160m for a fleet of 955 buses.  According to MT’s GCSE-level maths, this puts the average cost per unit at £168,000. That's more than the latest Ferrari.

But according to a spokesman at First Group, this isn’t unusual. A double-decker bus costs, on average, up to £190,000, while a single decker comes in at £150,000.  And if you're thinking that sounds rather a lot, apparently it's because they’re almost entirely hand-made and as such take much longer to manufacture - well over 1,000 man hours for each vehicle, in fact. That's why only about 2,000 are made each year.    

Still, it's all good news for the UK: the 955 buses First Group is buying will be made by two British manufacturers, Wrightbus in Ireland and and Alexander Dennis in Scotland. Just the ticket for creating and safeguarding jobs here in the UK.

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