Stat of the day: 20%

The proportion of finance workers who have moved abroad in the last two years.

Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013
Since the introduction of the 50% tax rate, bankers may have been threatening to up sticks to Switzerland - but it looks like fewer have made good on that than one might think. In the past two years, just 20% of financial services workers have moved abroad, with career progression the most popular motivator, followed by lifestyle choice and travel opportunities.

In fact, despite that high tax rate, 9% have apparently declined an overseas opportunity outright, the survey by Morgan McKinley suggested, while another 28% aren't willing or able to relocate. However, the survey found that opportunities aren't exactly in abundance: almost half (43%) of the 560 respondents haven't actually been given the opportunity, but are open to the idea. Sounds like the posts abroad are being offered to the wrong people.

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