Stat of the day: 20

The number of lawsuits Samsung and Apple are involved in.

Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

The row between Samsung and Apple has stepped up another notch. In a Dutch court on Monday, Samsung argued that Apple should pay Samsung royalties for the use of 3G mobile technology in its Dutch iPhones and iPads, saying Apple doesn’t have a license to use 3G in the Netherlands.

Meanwhile in Australia, Apple lawyers were busy arguing that Samsung’s Galaxy Tablet infringes on patents relating to touch-screen technology. The two rival technology giants are now involved in 20 lawsuits worldwide, as they continue to compete in the smartphone market. ‘It must have been as plain as the Opera House to Samsung that the Apple patents were right in front of its eyes and they were wide open,’ Steven Burley, an attorney for Apple, told the Australian Court. This could get nasty.

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