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The number of countries F1 racing boss Max Mosley is taking legal action in, in a bid to have references to a 'Nazi-themed orgy' he's alleged to have taken part in removed from websites.

by Emma Haslett
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013
They say you can’t rewrite history, but Max Mosley is having a jolly good try. The Formula One tycoon revealed during testimony to the Leveson inquiry yesterday that he’s taking legal action in 22 countries in a bid to get any references to a sado-masochistic orgy he was alleged to have taken part in by the News of the World.

Mosley added that he’s suing Google in France and Germany to force it to monitor and censor its search results. ‘The really dangerous things are the search engines,’ Mosley said. ‘The fundamental thing is that Google could stop this appearing but they don’t or won’t as a matter of principle.’ In a written witness statement, he said that the internet is like ‘a sort of Wild West with its own rules which the court cannot touch.’

- Image credit: Flickr/makeroadssafe

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