Stat of the day: £2.3bn

The amount Britain is suing Iceland for, after a second referendum in the country rejected a compensation plan for the UK.

by Elizabeth Anderson
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013
Just two months after the Icelandic government voted to pay Britain compensation for the billions of pounds lost when the country’s banking system collapsed in 2008, Icelanders have rejected the deal - again. 

Iceland still owes the UK £2.3bn after the banking crisis, and while Icelanders had voted overwhelmingly in favour of rejecting a compensation plan when the first referendum was held in March last year, the Icelandic government then drew up a new repayment plan, but it still failed to get the seal of approval among the public in the second referendum over the weekend. Which isn’t entirely unsurprising.  

Still, UK Treasury minister Danny Alexander insists Britain will continue pressurising Iceland into repaying the money. Although given the campaign’s record so far, we’re not holding our breath…

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