Stat of the day: 240,000

The number of litres of glass flake epoxy mix used to paint the Forth Bridge.

Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

It’s become the metaphor for the futility of undertaking a never-ending task, but the painting of the Forth Bridge will finally come to an end after 121 years later this year.  

After toiling away for 10 years on its latest £130m paint job, painters are finally ready to apply the last lick of paint to the iconic structure which spans the Firth of forth near Edinburgh. The 54,000-tonne bridge needed 240,000 litres of paint to cover its surface.

The good news (for workers, at least) is that the coating should last for about 25 years, thanks to the long-lasting paint used. Job done…

- Image credit: Flickr/Traveling Diva

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