Stat of the day: 2.5 minutes

The amount of time Britons last before they lose patience with queuing.

Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013
It turns out that the UK isn’t the nation of happy-go-lucky queue monkeys it thought it was: according to a new report, many of us apparently seethe at the very thought of being kept waiting. Apparently, almost two thirds of Britons lose patience after two-and-a-half minutes – whether it’s queuing at a train station, in a bar or stuck in a call centre queue.  

After five minutes, half of the 3,000 respondents to the survey by myHermes said they were so frustrated they had to walk away. And it’s costing people money: a quarter say they’ve lost out on refunds because they couldn’t be bothered to wait any more. Things must be bad.

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