Stat of the day: 27%

The percentage of complaints about financial products received by the Financial Ombudsman Service between January and June this year that related to Lloyds.

Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

Granted, it hasn't been the easiest few years for Lloyds, but given that it's still 41.5% owned by taxpayers, you'd have thought it would be making at least a cursory attempt to get its new masters onside. Apparently not, though: the Financial Ombudsman has reported that in the six months to July this year, it received 22,420 complaints about Lloyds - that's more than twice the 9,215 concerning its next-worst peer, Barclays. And it doesn't look like the rest of the banking sector is doing much to ingratiate itself with its retail customers, either: the Ombudsman has reported that complaints have risen by more than 2,000 since last year. Not exactly an indication that banks are feeling sorry, is it?

Source: Financial Ombudsman Service

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