Stat of the day: 38%

The number of people who didn't turn up for work this morning.

by Elizabeth Anderson
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013
Another day, another pile of snow - and another day working from home for many of us. Figures from Peninsula, the Employment Law Consultancy, suggest 38% of workers couldn't make it to the office today because of the weather.

Public transport cancellations and icy footpaths have made it difficult for workers travelling by bus or train, or those going by foot, to make it in. But the consultancy firm is taking a rather more sceptical view on the matter. "I'm sure employers will find that many employees will use the weather as an excuse to have a longer weekend," says Managing Director Peter Done.

A little harsh, perhaps. One only has to search #workingfromhome on Twitter to see that employees are spending their time wisely. 'My son has asked me to build him a snowman. I've asked him to email me the details' says one user, while a BBC article notes how @bealers spent his time - 'Back from cheeky lunchtime sledging trip.' Who says working from home isn't productive?

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