Stat of the day: 40%

The percentage of company boards that will be made up by women, if proposals being considered by Lord Davies go ahead.

by Elizabeth Anderson
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013
Lord Davies, who will make recommendations to the Government on business strategy by February, is looking at plans to introduce quotas forcing businesses into making 40% of their board members female, after figures by Cranfield business school showed just 12% of company directors are women.

It appears Lord Davies has had a change of heart since his days as business minister, when he commented that Government-dictated quotas do not 'instinctively feel quite right'. Then again, he could be following the example of the French, who earlier this year introduced a bill that forced the country’s biggest firms to make their boards at least 40% women.

Not that the French have the best record when it comes to other respects of womens' rights. Let's hope he stops short of banning the Burka...

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