Stat of the day: 47%

The percentage of young teenagers that own a smartphone.

Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013
If tweeting at the table (or even Facebooking at funerals) is driving you mad, we’ve got bad news: figures by Ofcom suggest that we’re a nation of smartphone addicts. Apparently, almost half of teens aged 12 to 15 own one of the devices, claiming to be so addicted that they can’t be torn away from their handset - even while they’re in the bathroom. But it appears the rest of the nation has been slower to adapt to change: just 27% of adults own a smartphone, and of those, the majority are able to exercise some restraint.

Apple's iPhone appears to be the most popular brand, although teenagers are more likely to favour RIM's Blackberry devices, the report says. Facebook was the most visited website on mobile phones, with a whopping 42 million hours spent on it in December 2010 alone. Bet Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg likes that…

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