Stat of the day: 50%

The amount of advertising spend that is wasted, according to research.

by Elizabeth Anderson
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013
If you find the tactics employed by web marketers to tailor advertising a bit creepy, look away now. Because faced by viewers' increasing propensity to channel-hop during adverts, it looks like television marketers are planning to take their cue from their online rivals by tailoring ads to individuals.

According to figures, at least 50% of all advertising spend is wasted on viewers who have no interest in the product. So television marketers have decided the time is ripe to make adverts more 'personalised' by using information gathered from postcodes, consumer research and viewing tastes. Which means while a high-earning bachelor in one house could be seeing a commercial for a sports car, the family next door might be viewing an ad about people carriers.

BSkyB is trialling the scheme, and says it aims to roll it out next year. Fingers crossed for an end to those annoying no-win-no-fee lawyers ads, then (in MT's household, at least)...

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