Stat of the day: 50,000

The number of people McDonalds aims to hire in one day

by Elizabeth Anderson
Last Updated: 23 Jul 2013
McDonalds is doing its bit to help the ailing US job market: the fast food giant has just announced plans to hire 50,000 employees in a single day later this month.

McDonalds held a similar event in the Western region last year, but this is the first time a nationwide recruitment drive has been concentrated into a single day.  Once lambasted as the epitome of the menial ‘McJob,’ McDonalds has transformed itself into one of the more progressive employers around. Last year it said that selected UK staff would be able to start studying for a management degree, accredited by Manchester Metropolitan University. Apparently it intends to use the US event to showcase employees who have had long and successful careers at the chain.

It’s unlikely to be short of candidates.  Last year more than 60,000 applied for the 13,000 positions on offer during the Western recruitment drive, and a similar level of competition is expected this time round. That’s partly an indication of how tough the US job market is, perhaps – but it also shows that the company has gone a long way towards shedding that McJob image.

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