Stat of the day: £50m

The amount businesses lose each day as staff work through their lunch break, which apparently leads to lower productivity in the afternoon.

by Elizabeth Anderson
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013
Firms are losing millions of pounds in lost productivity due to staff feeling pressurised to work through their lunch break, according to research.   

A report by health company Bupa says staff not taking a break at lunch is costing UK firms £50m a day, as workers find their productivity levels plummet in the afternoon.  More than six million workers are guilty of being chained to the desk while they eat, with half of those surveyed feeling their workload prevents them from taking a break.  

To make up for not refuelling properly at lunch time, employees turn to sweets, chocolate and caffeinated drinks to get them through the afternoon.  The company’s launched a Reclaim the Lunch Break campaign to encourage workers to take more breaks. Long lunch, anyone?

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