Stat of the day: 6:1

The ratio of expected tourists to hotel rooms available in the capital if the predictions are correct and 380,000 visitors descend for the London 2012 Olympics.

by MT Staff
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013
With 55,000 of London’s 120,000 hotel rooms already being held back for sports teams and their entourages, it’s going to be a tight squeeze for tour operators, who are already complaining that they are struggling to book hotel rooms. Other tourism businesses are being more cautious about forecasts, though: despite the rise in the number of visitors, they say, the majority will be in London to see the Olympics, rather than sight-see. In fact, in previous Olympic host cities, the ‘impression that everything will be overcrowded and overpriced’ has put ordinary tourists off, costing businesses millions. ‘For tourism in the Chinese capital, the Olympics was a toxic event that crushed normal demand,’ Tom Jenkins, the executive director of the European Tour Operators Association, has warned. Oh dear.

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