Stat of the day: 76%

The percentage by which out-of-town construction has increased since the collapse of Lehman Brothers.

by Emma Haslett
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013
Mary Portas may have questionable choice when it comes to her hair colour, but it seems her thinking on out-of-town developments are eminently sensible. The Government’s ‘retail guru’ said last week that there are too many out-of-town developments taking customers away from city centres. New research by property consultancy has thrown that into sharp relief: according to its research, out-of-town construction has increased by more than three-quarters since the collapse of Lehman Brothers, while 81% of proposed new developments are out of town. Supermarkets aren’t helping: the number of grocery stores proposed to be built outside city centres has risen by 45% since 2008, and 54% since the beginning of the credit crunch in 2007. But with all that free parking – not to mention competitive price-cutting – drawing customers towards out-of-town developments, the chances of that changing anytime soon are very slim…

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